How to get 3X Hike or High Paying Job
by Learning
Artificial Intelligence, Gen AI &
Data Science in 2024 (Tamil)

(for IT-Professionals, Non-IT Professionals, Career Restarters & Freshers/Jobseekers)

Your Skill + AI Skill= 3X Hike

Instructed By
(Ramisha Rani K)
Founder of Hope AI Private Limited
Sharing her 8+ years of Experience in AI & DS

Price Rs.999

Who all can Attend this Workshop?

You are not the first person to attend this Webinar

What you will learn in the

Between AI vs DS vs Gen AI

Get a chance to book 1:1 call in the webinar

My Secret Formula to integrate AI into your Existing Project

Learn to write 10+ AI Applications

How to select domain (ML, DL, NLP, DS, Gen AI) for a Project?

How to learn AI and DS without Maths Knowledge

Traditional Way vs AI Way

Understand working principle by Live Demo of AI Projects

Learn to integrate AI into any Departments

5 Step Proven Strategies to get into AI & DS Field!

Price Rs.999

Why you want to Upskill in DS and AI?

To stay competitive in the job market

To take advantage of new opportunities and career paths

To improve their earning potential

To enhance their problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills

Do you know what are the Major 5 Factors that stops you from getting a Dream Job in AI and Data Science field ??

You may from
Non- Technical background

You may have lack of programming knowledge

You may be facing Difficulties to find AI experts and mentors

You may have Lack of communication skill

You may be facing Career gap over the years

Result of overcoming these factors by implementing our
5-Step Proven Strategies

How to get above Results?


Price Rs.999

Listen to our Hope AI Graduates

What will you learn in the workshop Additionally?

5 Step Proven Framework To Become Zero to Hero in AI & DS!!

1.Customized Career Path in AI

We are providing customized career path without losing your Job experience and assisting you to integrate AI in your area of expertise.

2.Effortless Learning Strategy 

Tons of free videos  and blogs are available in the  internet but there is no effective way to learn it. We are providing proven effortless Learning Strategy for AI course.

3.Build Professional Network

In this era, Creating  personal branding is the most comfortable and quickest way to get the high paying job. As a part we are the providing efficient way to build your professional network which we lead to achieve your main goal.

4.Nakuri Premium for Placement Assistant -Resume Preparation

We are providing placement support and job assistance in your domain with AI in a professional way.

5.Real Time Project Experience

Providing a particular mentor to assisting you till the completion of course. There will be one to one contact with you so you can easily clarify your doubts without any difficulties during the course.

6.24/7 Technical Support

Hope AI is enriched with 24/7 technical support for our clients and candidates. We are providing the best way of solving the technical difficulties which are facing by the candidates.

Price Rs.999


IT Professionals

For IT professionals aspiring to transition their careers, enhancing AI skills is a lucrative option. The field of AI presents vast opportunities, yet there is a shortage of professionals possessing the necessary expertise to harness its potential. Embracing a career in AI proves to be both rewarding and continuously demanding of ongoing learning. Those with a background in IT enjoy a distinct advantage in adopting emerging technologies such as AI and Data Science, leveraging their robust foundation for further development.

Non- IT Professionals

If you find that your existing skills are becoming obsolete and hold little future value, consider a bold career change to embrace the highly sought-after and well-paying roles in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Transitioning your career seamlessly without compromising your experience involves integrating your domain expertise with the dynamic fields of artificial intelligence and data science. This strategic move allows you to stay relevant and pursue lucrative opportunities in these evolving domains.

Career Restarters

Embark on a career reboot in the realm of artificial intelligence by acquainting yourself with the latest developments and advancements in AI. Lay a strong foundation by delving into the fundamentals of AI. Create and work on personal projects to build a comprehensive portfolio showcasing your AI expertise. This portfolio serves as a compelling testament to your skills and knowledge, impressing potential employers in the field.

Job Seekers/Freshers

Exciting prospects await recent graduates as they have the opportunity to establish their careers in the fields of AI and Data Science right from the start. These areas are projected to hold top seniority positions in the future. The rapid evolution of technology in these domains ensures continuous growth and career progression, making investments in AI and data science a valuable choice for future career prospects.

Hi, I’m Ramisha Rani K, Founder and CEO of Hope Ai Pvt Ltd. I am also a Data Scientist and your Mentor for this webinar.

I specialize in training both Non-IT professionals and IT professionals, Job Seekers and Career Restarters in the latest AI and Data science technologies. 

With over 7+ years of experience in the industry, I have a proven track record of developing and delivering successful training programs that enable individuals to become proficient in AI and Data science and advance their careers, and helped them to learn how to leverage the power of AI in this Modern Era.

In this webinar, I look forward to making you a AI Expert using my learning secrets.

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