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What you will learn in this Webinar?

  • What is AI?
  • What are all the sub domains in AI?
  • What is the end goal of AI?
  • Getting clear about AI: Terminator
  1. How Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Gmail using AI
  2. Face Mask Detection
  3. WhatsApp Chat Analyser
  4. Chronic Kidney Disease 
  5. E-Jewellery Mirror
  6. Live website data Analysis using Google Data Studio

3.Problem Identification  in AI

  • Supervised Learning
    • Regression
    • Classification
  • Unsupervised Learning
    • Clustering
  • Semi supervised Learning
  • Steps to be followed for an algorithm

4.How prediction is possible-Lets understand with Regression?

  • Detailed view of Linear Regression
  • What is Model?
  • What is Weight?
  • What is Bias?

Evaluation Metric of Regression

  • Purpose of Training and Test set
  • R-Square 
  • Conditions
  • Hands-on – Insurance Charge Prediction

How to improve model performance

  • Life Cycle of Machine Learning to improve model performance
  • Support Vector Algorithm with Pro-Secret
  • Decision Tree Algorithm with Pro-Secret
  • Random Forest Algorithm with Pro-Secret

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Don't miss a chance to Learn the Future Technology in Tamil

3-Hours Live workshop=Rs.499

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Limited Seats Only!!!!
Don't miss a chance to Learn the Future Technology in Tamil

Who I Am?

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I am Mrs. Ramisha Rani K, your AI Trainer .
My Mission is to simplify the Artificial Intelligence concepts to the learners.
My pro-methods helped over 2000+ students and 100+ faculties.
I strongly believe that learning the core concept in the native language is a gift. My vision is to train 3000 students in this year @afforable rate. Do not miss the chance to learn the Feature Technology in Tamil.
If you have question , kindly feel free to contact me.(+918883916171)

Limited Seats Only!!!!
Don't miss a chance to Learn the Future Technology in Tamil