Web Development for Machine Learning projects

200 students

Django is an open-source python web system empowering fast improvement of secure and viable sites.  Django deals with a great part of the problem of web improvement, so you can zero in on composing your application without expecting to waste time. It has a flourishing and dynamic network, incredible documentation, and numerous alternatives for nothing and paid-for help.

What you’ll learn?
  • How the Django framework works?
  • How to showcase your project and demonstrations using Django instead of normal Python console?
  • How to create a view using Django?
  • How to develop applications using Django in real-life?
  • What’s the connection between the front-end and back-end pages?


Assumed that you know the Machine Learning

 Course Outcomes: 

Once after the completion of training,

  • You’ll be able to develop applications using Django.
  • You’ll have sufficient knowledge on web programming concepts.
  • You’ll know all the possible tricks and techniques with Django.
  • You’ll get to understand the benefits and components of Django with Python.

              Excited?? Get off to a running start !!!

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