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Attention IT Professionals

(If you are working under any of these domains SQL, Web Design, Cloud, Big Data, Analyst, Software Testing, Any Programmer, then this webinar is for you)

Without Losing Your Seniority in job You can Upgrade Your Career in On-Demand Technology Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and get 3 X hike

All you Need is Small Trigger to get settle in On-Demand Technology  Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and to get 3X hike

Just Learn to Integrate Data Science & Artificial Intelligence into your Existing Skill

Exactly you are going to learn same in the Live webinar

It's Not a Sales Call... It's Full of Knowledge Transfer Process

Webinar On: December 16 2022, 7:00pm(IST) -Friday

Are You Going Through A Mid-Career Crisis?

If all of this sounds “oh, so familiar,” chances are you’re going through a mid-career crisis.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

More than 95% of working professionals don’t have a clue about the problems they come across during mid-career crisis. They always blame themselves for the career issues and tend to take it personally.

Why IT- Professionals wants to Attend this Live Webinar?

Are you facing these 5 MAJOR PROBLEM 

If you are facing any of the above issue Or You are fresher who want to avoid facing above issues, then we invite you to join this Webinar. Free training of professional skills (how to make resumes, find job according to your industry, get freelancing projects) are given.

What you will Learn?

These 10 secrets  helps you to understand how to become a Subject Matter Expert in Artificial Intelligence  and Data Science. 

1) What is Artificial Intelligence?

2) How Artificial Intelligence differs from Traditional Way

3) End Goal of AI

4) Application Of AI

5) Why Artificial Intelligence?

6) Why Data Science?

7) AI Domain?

8) Relationship Between AI, DS, ML, DL, NLP

9) Relationship Between AI and Python?

10) Thumb Rule to integrate into your Existing Domain.


How To learn completely by yourself

How to prepare Resume and How to search Job 

There is no Upsell.
It's Full Of Knowledge Transferring...

Webinar On: December 16, 2022, 7:00pm(IST) - Friday

Why it's Free?

Hope Ai in the Mission of Educating Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Tamil Language to empower their  strong  Technical Skill.

If you are a person loves to learn Technical in Tamil , then join in this webinar.

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