100% Zero Theory AI & DS Webinar for 5X Hike-Tamil

நீங்க Artificial Intelligence & Data Science இன்னுமா Theory, Maths & Programming நினைக்கிறீங்க?

அப்போ எங்க webinar பாருங்க

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What you will learn in the Webinar?

Secret Formula to Create Many AI Applications

Difference between AI and DS

Rules to integrate Ai into your Existing Skill for 5X Hike and Rapid Career growth

How to get into Non-IT to IT by Learning AI & DS?

As a Fresher/ Career Restart / Job Seeker  how to get Job in AI and DS?

Real Time Demo for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Time Series Analysis!!

Sharing The ZERO TO HERO AI Expert Strategies for Freshers & Working Professionals

Learn 3 Real Time Project Demo in the Webinars

(Only for those who attend Webinars)

Chronic Kidney Disease Prediction- AI in Health Care

Value: ₹1997 FREE

AI based CCTV Camera to detect Wild Animals

Value: ₹3997 FREE

WhatsApp Text Analyzer 

Value: ₹7997 FREE

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India’s Only Webinar That Teaches

AI & DS without Theory, Math’s and Programming 

in தமிழ்

Know Your Mentor!!

Mrs. Ramisha Rani K

CEO., Hope Artificial Intelligence Pvt Ltd

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Expert with 7+ years of Experience!!!

Sharing her Wining Strategy to become Zero to Hero without Maths, Theory and Programming  in AI and DS That too in Tamil !!! 

Under her Guidance Many Professionals and Fresher  learnt to integrate AI and DS into their Existing Skill.

இது வேர Level Webinar!! 

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What will you learn in the workshop Additionally?

5 Step Proven Framework To Become Zero to Hero in AI & DS!!

1.Customised Career Path

Without Losing your Seniority, get customised career path for Easiest and Fastest way to get 3X Hike, Jobs for Freshers/Non-IT/Career Restart.

2. AI Learning Strategies 

How you can Learn AI and Data Science without Theory and Maths. Using our Teaching Techniques anyone can easily  understand and execute in the real time.

3. Real Time Project Experience

How you can Work on Real Time Projects in the industry!! It helps to boost your hiring and hike ratio .

4. Self Branding

In this Competitive world , How you can showcase your skill to industry people who really needs your skills. This makes your life easier.

5. Resume and Interview Preparation

How to prepare your resume and for interview.

All you Need is Consistency!!

If you work in this 5 core together you can get unbelievable result!!.

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How will this workshop help you?

You will discover 5 Core Proven Frame work that are pillars to grow, scale, and make any career highly profitable. These pillar will help you identify areas to fix such as mindset, strategies, Real-Time Hands-on Experience.

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Who Should Attend The Workshop?

Working IT Professionals

Non- IT Professionals

Career Restart/Job Seekers

College Student / Freshers

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There are no prerequisites to learn AI and Data science course online. Hope AI online classes demand zero prior understanding or exposure to AI and Data science course.

As working professionals, taking up these online courses is not only convenient but also efficient, especially if you are working full time. These courses are convenient not only for professionals but also for freshers and aspirants who want to dive into AI field to kick-start their careers in the IT domain. 

Individuals and entry-level professionals who wish to pursue a career in programming.
Professionals who are interested to learn to program and make a career transition to AI domain.

Our mentor give access to enroll the course through our App once you complete the payment.

After successfully completing these courses, you will have the practical knowledge and experience to take start tackling AI and Data Science Problems and challenges.

Just basic computer literacy and willingness to self-learn online. No prior knowledge of computer science or programming languages required.

Yes, There is no prior math knowledge is required at earlier stage of learning this course.

Here, the jobs are available for AI and Data Science course:
1. Data Scientist
2. Data Engineer
3. Data Analyst
4. AI Engineer
5. Machine Learning Engineer
6. Business Analyst
7. AI Data Analyst
8. Business Intelligence Developer
9. NLP Engineer
10. Computer Vision Engineer
11. Research Scientist
12. Deep Learning Engineer

You can showcase them on your LinkedIn profile, add them to your resume, and share them with your network. You can also share them with a current employer to demonstrate your new skills, and your ability to apply those skills on the job.

This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access your lectures, readings and assignments anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device.

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