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About Our App

Many million dollar AI companies still negotiate to have the Apps for their platform. Where else a new startup AI company have invested a wholesome 20 percent of their total investment on App is a beautiful thing to hear.

Yes, Hope AI have launched a App for their students and candidates only to give them hazel free services and end to end support with unconditional love.

Hope AI.

Key Features in our App


Self Paced learning

Learn it at your comfortable time. Taken the course at the learner's own pace, allowing them to focus on their weak areas and move forward at their own speed. Keep seeking new knowledge and opportunities to learn.


Offline access

Our app allows learners to download the enrolled course content videos for offline use and to synchronize their progress and data when they come back online.


Doubt Clarification Session (DCS)

DCS connects learners with mentors and peers from around the world, providing a unique opportunity to experience different technical perspectives with real time applications.

How is our app useful to you ?

Any time, anywhere

Learn the course from anywhere and at your convenient time. It helps you to complete the course in an organized way and managing time effectively in order to be successful.

 Lifetime Access

 It is lifetime access once you enroll in this course. It has multimedia and interactive elements, making learning experience engaging and dynamic.


Learn from experts

By learning from our AI experts, you can gain unique insights and perspectives that you wouldn’t get from other sources. They provide practical skills that you can apply in your professional life.


Real world projects

Each course involving a project learning environment so that you can apply your knowledge in real life applications. It can helps individuals acquires new skills and advance their career.

Who Can Take This Course ?


Students who wants to super charge their career entry into the Job Market to enhance their skills and advance their career in the field of AI. There is a high demand for college students with expertise in AI and DS, which leads to a wide range of job opportunities and high salaries.



Entry level Al Builders who want to build a professional network that they can leverage for lifelong growth with access to know the latest technologies, tools, and techniques used in the industry. It helps freshers to learn about these diverse applications.


IT Professionals

IT Professionals. who desire a career shift should  upgrade their AI Skills. IT professionals have a definite advantage when it comes to emerging technologies like AI and Data science, because they have a solid foundation to build upon.


Non-IT professionals

Many skills are outdated. Here’s the best way is to advance your career in the field of AI and Data science for Non-IT professionals without losing your experience to integrate your domain with AI. Non-IT professionals should develop professionally by highlight their AI skills are the one which is an on demand technology in the industry.

What you will learn from this course?




Machine Learning


Data Science


Data Visualization


Advanced Machine Learning

Deep Learning


Natural Language Processing


Time Series

What you'll get from this course?

A deep understanding of what makes algorithms work and how to tune them for custom implementation.

Skills that you desire, helping you ace Artificial Intelligence and Data Science interview questions and land your dream job.

Statistical Techniques that empower you to get more out of your data analysis

Here is Our Google Review

We got 4.8 Stars in Google reviews


There are no prerequisites to learn AI and Data science course online. Hope AI online classes demand zero prior understanding or exposure to AI and Data science course.

As working professionals, taking up these online courses is not only convenient but also efficient, especially if you are working full time. These courses are convenient not only for professionals but also for freshers and aspirants who want to dive into AI field to kick-start their careers in the IT domain. 

Individuals and entry-level professionals who wish to pursue a career in programming.
Professionals who are interested to learn to program and make a career transition to AI domain.

Our mentor give access to enroll the course through our App once you complete the payment.

After successfully completing these courses, you will have the practical knowledge and experience to take start tackling AI and Data Science Problems and challenges.

Just basic computer literacy and willingness to self-learn online. No prior knowledge of computer science or programming languages required.

Yes, There is no prior math knowledge is required at earlier stage of learning this course.

Here, the jobs are available for AI and Data Science course:
1. Data Scientist
2. Data Engineer
3. Data Analyst
4. AI Engineer
5. Machine Learning Engineer
6. Business Analyst
7. AI Data Analyst
8. Business Intelligence Developer
9. NLP Engineer
10. Computer Vision Engineer
11. Research Scientist
12. Deep Learning Engineer

You can showcase them on your LinkedIn profile, add them to your resume, and share them with your network. You can also share them with a current employer to demonstrate your new skills, and your ability to apply those skills on the job.

This course is completely online, so there’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access your lectures, readings and assignments anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device.