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Online Training

HOPE AI online training features

AI Mastery : The Complete Course


One To One Session

In one to one session, our mentor providing personalized attention and guidance to the learner. We are providing hands-on practice with practical exercises, quizzes, and assignments.

Our Hope AI developing a customized career path based on the learner’s specific needs, requirements, and learning objectives.

And providing an opportunity to work on real-life projects to apply the AI concepts. Providing regular feedback and evaluation to assess the learner’s progress and learning outcomes.


Placement Training

Hope AI providing job assistance to improve LinkedIn profile, Github profile and build an effective resume and cover letter. 

We are training the learners to preparing for technical interviews by understanding the AI concepts, industry best practices, and real-life case studies. 

And preparing for behavioral interviews by understanding the industry expectations, company culture, and personality traits. 

Our mentor boostup the learners by developing essential interview skills, including effective communication, body language, and understanding the industry trends, company expectations, and job requirements to become industry-ready.


Corporate Training

We present full-range of corporate training and workshops which helps to boostup your employees into more self-assured, enthused and energetic people. 

Our corporate training classes are intended to bestow AI skills in your employees that are essential to the accomplishment of a company.

The training provided by experienced and expert instructors who can provide real-world examples and practical applications of AI in their industry. The employees can have confidence that the training from Hope AI will be of high quality and provide valuable insights and knowledge.

AI is rapidly evolving, and it’s important for businesses to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends.

Our modified learning approach drives employees commitment and the business’ most noteworthy finish rates.


Faculty Development Program

Our Faculty Development Program is a skill enrichment and career development oriented which should be undergone by professors/faculties in Universities, Colleges and so on.,

We will likely furnish faculties with the way of thinking to know the value of future technology known as AI which rules the world in our FDP training program. AI is not just for computer science and engineering faculty members, but is also relevant to faculty members in many other fields, including business, medicine, social sciences, and more.

Faculty members who understand AI can better prepare their students for the workforce and research opportunities. We also providing hands-on approach of the program and it helps to equip the faculty members with practical skills to apply AI to their research and teaching.


Ph.D Consultation 

My beloved learners, let us make your queries halt for a while. Know why? Because we are here to serve you the bowl of solutions for every qualm that keeps popping in your mind.

To your knowledge, we would like to add up the thought of pursuing doctorate in the field of Artificial Intelligence is freaking cool. Research projects in AI would boost up your career like anything else making you stand out from the crowd. A person with a Ph. D. degree in AI domain along with a couple of years’ experiences would get a lot of opportunities and more profitably own his/her earnings way better than others.

We better assist you under the following criteriums, Render valuable solutions easing your doubts in Problem Statement selection and supply new ideas as well. Provide multiple strategies if you’re in case stuck up in the middle of a research or any project, helping you complete it. Offer step-by-step guidance on how to proceed once the problem statement selection is done. Help choose a particular domain and much more!


Training for Colleges and Schools

To help students accomplish their career goals and intensify their skills, we provide various training’s under AI domain. 

Our training’s are well-educative, making students enrich their knowledge and skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

he students will be provided with a valid certificate at the end of the program. 

We follow Single Expert Coaching.!!!!The College and School managements can approach us for bulk training’s via mail.