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37-Days Smart Track Course-Data Science and Machine Learning-English
6:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Online Live TeachMint

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27-Days Fast Track Course-Tamil
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Live Online

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One Credit Course: AI-VelTech University
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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Batch2: The complete AI course
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Batch2: The complete AI course

One day online workshop using Python
10:00 AM - 1:00 AM

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The complete AI course: Live Online Training
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

You can learn AI Weekly Sat and Sun –> 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm Medium: Tamil, Fee: Monthly Rs.5000/-   Download the Syllabus

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Our Services

Ph.D Consultation : Artificial Intelligence

Are you looking for consultation in the below domains for
Ph. D.,?

    • Machine Learning,
    • Time Series Analysis,
    • Deep Learning, 
    • Deep Learning with Computer Vision and 
    • Deep Learning with Natural Language Processing.

My beloved learners, let us make your queries halt for a while. Know why? Because we are here to serve you the bowl of solutions for every qualm that keeps popping in your mind.

To your knowledge, we would like to add up the thought of pursuing doctorate in the field of Artificial Intelligence is freaking cool. Research projects in AI would boost up your career like anything else making you stand out from the crowd. A person with a Ph. D. degree in AI domain along with a couple of years’ experiences would get a lot of opportunities and more profitably own his/her earnings way better than others.

We better assist you under the following criteriums,

  • Render valuable solutions easing your doubts in Problem Statement selection and supply new ideas as well.
  • Provide multiple strategies if you’re in case stuck up in the middle of a research or any project, helping you complete it.
  • Offer step-by-step guidance on how to proceed once the problem statement selection is done.
  • Help choose a particular domain and much more!

Faculty Development Program


Our Faculty Development Program is a skill enrichment and career development oriented which should be undergone by professors/faculties in Universities, Colleges and so on.,

We will likely furnish instructors with

  • The way of thinking and practice of entire individual training.
  • Associate educating and examination via regular Hands-on, to the information and requirements of the network.
  • Assist personnel with advancing a culture of care helpful for profound, moral, and good turn of events.
  • Empower staff to turn out to be very much qualified in their separate controls.

What will the faculties gain after successful completion of the program?

  • They will gain knowledge on business and industrial perspectives.
  •  They will be talented with the most recent advances.
  • They will have the option to grow their workforce jobs.
  •  They will have the option to improve research aptitudes and quality work.
  • They will investigate numerous types of showing instructional method for improving educating adequacy.
  • They will have abilities of hypothesis building and approval of the hypothesis created.
  • They will learn tips for publication in top academic journals

Training for Colleges and Schools


To help students accomplish their career goals and intensify their skills, we provide various training’s under AI domain. Our training’s are well-educative, making students enrich their knowledge and skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

The students will be provided with a valid certificate at the end of the program.

We follow Single Expert Coaching.!!!!

The College and School managements can approach us for bulk training’s via mail.

Corporate Training


We present full-range corporate training and workshops which forms your employees into more self-assured, enthused and energetic people. Our novel secluded corporate training classes are intended to zero in on zones that are essential to the accomplishment of a company. The framework was made to fortify organisational competencies and address performance gaps while enabling members to apply what has been realised in their own workplace. Our modified learning approach drives trainee commitment and the business’ most noteworthy finish rates.



Arul Dass, Operational Manager

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Mrs.Ramisha Rani for guiding me throughout my application for joining Hope Artificial Intelligence from Malaysia. I was deeply impressed by her extensive knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. Under her consistent encouragement, I started my class on Artificial Intelligence and improved my knowledge in programming using Python. By attending weekend classes at Hope Artificial Intelligence, I have enriched my knowledge on Python programming skills with effective, Data Science and learn Artificial Intelligence, especially on Data Science using Python and IDE: Anaconda for Python.

Our student success stories

I had a great experience here.. got lot of ideas about AI with practical knowledge.. don’t worry about trainer and teaching method, @Ramisha Rani one of the best trainer to teach and she explained each unique concept with live practical examples.. worth your money and worth getting knowledge from her. I learn from the best..
Thank you so much for this opportunity...!!! Mam I don't have any idea about programming...after I attend your workshop I have interseted of learning phython I have a clear view on my programming skills i don't want to worry about my career...!! Thank you mam🙏
Vikash Vijay
Excellent Comprehensive teaching by the tutor. Anyone can easily learn the AI with her baby steps concepts. I am really feeling satisfied. The knowledge I leaned worth more than the value (money ) I paid.

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