Machine Learning with Data Science using Python

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Machine Learning with Data Science

Machine Learning is a utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which makes the machines to learn on their own without clear-cut programming but loads algorithms to examine and generate decisions relying on the given input data. Data Science is the study of data involving the development of models and methods to juice out the required result. There is an enormous professional opportunity accessible in the field of data science. The vast majority of the up-and-comers are searching for a worthwhile vocation in this specific area.

What you will learn ?

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Get introduced to the Buzz word Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

  • Tools 

Anaconda, Spyder, Jupyter Notebook, Virtual Environment.

  • Basics of Python

Object Oriented Programming Language, Basics of Python

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Explores the data from different perspectives and tunes them finely thereby giving a cumulative result of the main characteristics obtained by analyzing the data set.

  • Descriptive Data Analysis

Brings out the basics of data and by which the same suggests gives the entire description of the data. Under Descriptive Data Analysis, you’ll study various measures, samples and the procedures to work with them in detail.

  • Inferential Data Analysis

Specifies the inferences that can be made from and within the data. In easy words, Inferential Data Analysis sorts out the various methodologies in forecasting the data.

  • Data Pre-processing

Technique used to transform the unstructured, messy and raw data into structured, neat and understandable format in a stepwise manner.

  • Supervised Machine Learning

Takes a set of accepted data to train the model and makes predictions based on the new data inputted. 

  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
Contradictory to Supervised Machine Learning, the unsupervised machine learning model tries to make predictions provided with unlabeled dataset. 
  • Dimensional Reduction

Phenomena to reduce the count of variables in a dataset required for machine learning.

  • Feature Selection

One of the sub-divisions of Dimensionality Reduction which helps in processing the selection of data to train the model based on certain features.

  • Web Development

To showcase your project and learning, you can host it use web development(Django Python)

Course Outcomes:

    • By the end of your happy learning of data science with us,
    • You’ll be able to build your programming skills.
    • You’ll be able to perform statistical analysis of data.
    • You’ll be able to construct your own models and analyze them in real-world contexts.
    • You’ll be confident enough to work with the algorithms and tools required for data science.
    • You’ll become a pro in data management.
    • You’ll have a better understanding of the basic issues and objections of machine learning.
    • You’ll learn to work with various machine learning approaches.
    • You’ll be able to design and train your own models in real-time.

And what not? MUCH MORE!!!!!

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